Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Honest Truth!

For those who don't know. I am taking a very inspiring class through the Scrap In Style website. This class is designed to help us on our weight loss journey. No matter what stage you may on in that journey. We were challenged to tell our story. This is very hard to me to write. My weight and my weight loss journey have always been a difficult subject for me but I feel like I need to step out and go for it now. So that is my story...

I need to give you some background about me. I was born with a chromosomal disorder called Turners syndrome. Basically I am missing part of the final pair of chromosomal pairs. Turners can cause heart and kidney problems. It can cause thyroid problems and it causes short stature. I am 29 years old and I am 4 feet 9 inches tall. I have not had any heart problems. I do have one kidney is functioning and one that is to underdeveloped.
As I got older I began to notice the difference in my height and others height. This has never really bothered me. However the teasing does. Growing up I got a lot of questions and was teased about being short. After a while it takes its tole. You begin to feel like you are not good enough. That feeling of being inadequate made my self esteem go way down. Because of the low self esteem I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Would truly look at myself and not like who I am/was. On top of all of this..I carry my emotions very near to my heart. Many times I would turn to food for comfort or to celebrate. Eating for me has been tied to my emotions. I have tried over the last several year to lose some weight. I have tried dieting on my own, diet pills and other programs. The one program I found that actually worked was Weight Watchers. The first time I joined WW I lost 25lbs..I went from a size 20 to a 14...WoW I was feeling so much better. Unfortunately, I fell of the WW wagon. I gained the weight back with a little more added. I have tried two other times to start WW but would just leave again after awhile. I know it works. I just need the motivation and the will power to stick with it. Over the last few years so much has happend that has sent my life upside down. My parents separated and then divorced. I lost two of my grandparents within less than two months. I have struggled with jobs and finances. Again, I let food be my comfort when things are hard. I let it control me at times. I feel like along the way I have lost who LeAnne is. I know now that I am ready to find love myself be happy again. I am going to start WW again. I have a wonderful group of friends who are going to help be my I will be theirs!..I am looking forward to this journey, to finishing this story with a happy ending..cause I am in control of the ending!

You may read this and think ...what is she writing this...well its the truth..its who I am. I am ready to embrace who I am. This is something I wrote on one of my scrapbook pages

"I may not be able to reach the top shelf. My legs may not run as fast as yours. I may be my brothers little-big sister but being different is not a bad thing. It is what makes me who I am …it makes ME special. " I know I am special...Now its time to feel special! :) :)

Thank you for reading/listening. I hope you will follow me as my journey continues! :)

Much love !!



Sasha said...

WOW thanks for sharing your story. You WILL do it girl and you will get better regardless of your condition your weightloss journey and way to a new you is going to have you feeling light on your feet.

WE gotcha back

MandieGirl said...

I'm right there with you, too! Thanks for sharing!!!

kristina k said...

Thank you for sharing with us...:)
Big hugs to you!!

Lisa said...

You are awesome - just for posting your honest truth!! I'm with you on the weight struggle - I certainly try to comfort myself with food for no good reason - lots of times!! I lost 45 pounds in 2007 but gained more than a few back. I just started my diet back yesterday. So, I'm here to support you!!

Casey said...

Wow, your honesty is inspiring. It sounds like you are really ready for this journey, and your SISters will be there for you, too!

tallynt said...

Thanks for sharing, I am excited to go on this journey with you.

Sonja said...

That was sooo beautiful LeA! :) I wish you the best in losing your weight. I'll be working on the same thing over here. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But I'm amped and I have a big incentive to do it. (let you know about that laters...)

BIG HUGS girl...and no matter how far apart we are, I'm still here for ya!

Simply Complicated said...

Girl, I am in the class with you and I don't know you (obviously) but I completely understand where you are at and where are you coming from - good things will happen and we SO GOT YOUR BACK!


p.s. Now you have inspired me to do my story!

Diane Dolan said...

Leann - thanks so much for sharing your story. I think this class of Ashley's is going to create friendships and build a support system for one another. I appreciate that you were so willing to share. It has inspired me to visit my own long-lost blog and post my story. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

LeA- Thank you so much for sharing your story. I look forward to getting to know you better in class!!



Virginia said...

Oh Leanne, I love your honesty and bravery for sharing. You are such a sweet girl and I can't wait to see the exciting things this year brings you! (hugs) and as Em says, "You go get 'em, girl!" :)

Robin said...

I'm proud of you LeAnne. And i love your HONEST TRUTH!!! It's inspiring...but most of all you are inspiring just by being you. I'm always here for you!!! and we need to get together soon!!!! And i'm starting back on my diet in the next week..after Kara's b-day so i dont have any more temptations. Love ya bunches sis...-Boog-

HoweverAlthough said...

I'm so inspired by your honesty and your willingness to share your journey. You are an amazing girl! Hang in there. I know about weight issues and the best advice I can give you is to work on the self esteem part - that helps the rest of it fall into place. I'm still struggling daily, but knowing others are going through the same stuff helps.