Friday, January 2, 2009

Daily Cards and other such fun!!

I am trying to make a daily card. These could be related to a holiday or special event or just some inspiration to send someone! So far I have made my first two. Here are the pictures of my first two cards!

I am really enjoying this challenge. Its such a fun way to create something each day! I am also trying to take a photo a day! I just think this will be a fun way for me to improve my photography skills and just have some fun.

I have several other scrappy challenges I am planning on working on. I will have to post some picture when I finish those!

Moms birthday is coming up on Sunday! I think we are planning on going to see Marley and Me. She has been wanting to see that movie!

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Rachel said...

I am making Daily Cards too! They are a blast... love all the pink- they look so cheery and awesome!!!!!