Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today has been a quiet day...a good day to stay inside. It was rainy this morning. We are keeping an eye in Fey and what she is doing. Looks like we will get some rain the next few days. I am hoping to talk to some principals this week. Maybe I will have some news to share soon.

Did you check out my playlist...I just figured out how add one of these :) Gatta have my music. Still working on the play list.

I went to church this moring..for those who dont know..I am teaching the 5 year old Sunday school class at my church. Well today I helped in the nursery. I must say I really remembered today why I love kids. I had so much fun with them. They always remind me of the inoccents of youth. I was reminded of why I went into teaching and just how much of an impact we as adults have out their young lives. It is so sweet to hear them pray for their parents and their family. It was great.

Movies...If you havnt seen Vantage it. Mom and I watched it tonight and it was pretty good. Its one of those movies that you have watch it carefully to figure out what is going on. What movies are you all watching right now....I love movies! :)

Last thing I wanted to share a layout I worked on... Its a layout of my goddaughters. My friend (there mom) took this picture of them. They are on a hill watching the sunset. Hope you enjoy!
Thanks for keeping up with me! Hope you all have a good week:)