Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

Today has not been the best of days food wise....for some reason I was so board today...I tried to scrapbook...I got on the Wii fit...I jammed to some music..I surfed the internet....and yet boardom over comes me!!!! and what happens when mr. boardom strikes??? I eat...confounded! I know tomrrow is another day...I guess those days of boardom are going to come..I just need to figure out a strategie for battling boardom. Any suggestions????? I am up for anything you got! I think we weekends are hardest for seems there is to much time on my hands. To many things (food) learking , waiting to get into.

I didn't get much scrapbooking done today..Hopefully after church tomrrow I can get some things finished and work on some new ideas. I know I am behind in my cards. I am trying to play catch up.

Oh if you a Twilight fan! I read today that Taylor Lautner ..The guy who played Jacob Black in Twilight WILL be back for New Moon. I am so excited about this. He did such a wonderful job. I cant wait to see New Moon.

Ok well. I will be back tomrrow to let you know how the day went...Thanks for keeping up with me!! Love you all! :) :)


sarah said...

i totally do the same thing - snack! the way i work around this is HIDE all of the snacks. hehe. or i engage myself in a project that will keep me away from eating! hehe


Robin said... can always call me. To get your mind off of snacks. I go and clean my office on Sundays...but we can hang out on Saturdays if you want...and when it gets warmer maybe we can start walking like we said we would last year and didnt.

Jacqueline said...

LeAnne I have an award for you, please check out my blog!!!!


Calia Yang said...

don't feel bad girl - i'm just as bad with food...btw - you'll love what jacqueline has rewarded you with - go on and check it out!!

Sonja said...

Hey girly! How are you doing? I hope well. I'm not doing very well in that department either. I did find out that our gym on post has a Family Fitness Room I can use and take the kids too! :0) YEAH! I'm going to be making use of that soon.

As far as snacking, try to find some good healthy snacks that you can eat. Like, some nuts, a Fiber one bar, fruit galore, celery, baby carrots. :) Those are always yum! If you need something to go on the carrots or celery, I dip mine in Italian's pretty low cal if you don't drown them in it. ahhaha. :P