Monday, August 18, 2008


How is everyone today! I hope all is well. I have some news on the job front. I did get a call today from Robinson Spring Elem in Millbrook...The principal did get my application. (yeah!) She asked me to email her and remind her to set up an interview with her. For those who dont know. My mom and I have talked about moving back towards Mongomery for while now. I just feel like God has His hand on this. I feel like if this job could be a step toward a bigger move. I ask that you all keep my family and I in your prayers. Right now I am still looking, hoping for some other calls.

As for the other news....well there is not much :) LOL! I just guess I am kind of boring at the moment :)

I am working in some scrapbooking layouts I will post them when I get them finished.


Jarrod and Lindsey said...

Yay! I didn't know yall were thinking about moving closer down south! Yall are in our prayers (as always=)

Boog said...

Good Luck girl....keep me posted. Always in my prayers!!!