Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged!!! and Reba/Kelly Clarkson

HeHe!! I've been tagged! Ok so six things about me
1. I am a wanna be singer....LOL! I love to sing in my the shower..I love to sing...that doesnt mean I am any good though! :)
2. When I want to get away...I like to go to the zoo! Kind of hard now though when its cold.
3. Hello my name is LeAnne and I am addicted to coca cola! It is my coffee in the morning.
4. I still have my entire Baby-sitters club book collection..I just cant give them away.

5. I am claustrophobic...I hate being in a crowd of people and not seeing a door....I go into panic mode....I think its because sometimes I can't see over them...LOL and I feel trapped.

6. I love to write poetry. I have a collection of poems that I started in High School.
I want to tag Mandy J, Lisa, Brittney and Gretchen! :) Love ya girl!

Last night my friend and I went to the Reba/Kelly Clarkson Concert. I have had a rough week so this was a good way to relax. The concert was WONDERFUL! They are both amazing singers. We also got to see Melissa Peterman who played Barbra Jean on the Reba show. She is soooo funny. We got such a kick out of watching her. Reba and Kelly sang togther the whole night. They did a mix of songs that both of them had recorded. I think my favorites where Fancy and Breakaway. Here is a picture.